St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Guild 

Email Mary Kay Beeby or call 206 524 4809

The guild was formed primarily to provide an opportunity for fellowship with women in the parish while supporting the needs of the church and the community.

The guild is not intended to be another commitment in an already busy world. It is instead an avenue for fellowship in a more intimate arena than the parish at large. We provide support for each other and for the parish as a whole through prayer and actions.

Activities of the Guild

We hold monthly meetings in the evenings at members’ homes. All our activities have fellowship at the heart, so they are chosen to be fun and low key ~ cooking classes, movie nights, annual Christmas exchange.

Supporting the Needs of the Church
We enjoy hosting coffee hour after 9:30 Mass once a month. We also put together bean soup packages and scone mixes for sale during Advent, donating the proceeds to the parish auction and youth mission trips.

Supporting the Needs of the Community
We help with various projects for the Sacred Heart Shelter, make Easter baskets for the Orion Center, and donate clothing and household items to St. Francis House. We support the shelter ministry at Lady of the Lake, providing several meals during St. Bridget’s week to host.

This year’s Pajama Drive supported the Baby Corner Ministry & WestSide Baby by collecting pajamas and other clothing for children in need.

Membership information

We currently have 15 members, but routinely 8-12 people attend each meeting. We understand that everyone has commitments and can’t attend every meeting or participate in every project; therefore we feel our members should be as involved as is comfortable with their schedules. We don’t want to over commit our members or we lose sight of our primary goal of fellowship. We are always looking for new members and welcome all who wish to join. If you’d like more information, please contact Mary Kay Beeby (