September 1st, 2019

Dear Friends in Christ,

Believe it or not, I am already hearing that popular Andy Williams song that goes “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” No, it’s not the beginning of the Christmas season (That starts after Halloween!) It’s time to go back to school!! I want to take this opportunity to offer my prayers and best wishes to our students, their parents, and those who serve as teachers or school staff, that this school year is a fabulous one for you all! A few reminders to file in your school planners:

Many of our parish youth attend ASB, Villa, or one of the local Catholic High Schools where they have the privilege of studying religion, to go on retreats, and to have regular opportunities to pray and even celebrate Mass at school. Those are wonderful resources to help grow their faith….but they are not meant to be substitutes for participation in the life of our parish community. Parents of students in Catholic Schools, please reinforce your family’s commitment to Sunday Mass here at St. Bridget’s, even if your student attended Mass at school the week before. Please also be sure to register your students in our sacramental prep programs for Confirmation, Reconciliation, and first Holy Communion.  Contact the parish for more information at 206-523-8787.

Others of our parish youth attend one of the public schools in the area, and I hope you have a great year as well! I also hope that you and your families will be regular in your participation at Sunday Mass as well as in our faith formation and sacramental prep programs for Confirmation, Reconciliation and first Holy Communion.  Please contact the parish as well for more information. An added bonus for our public school students is an invitation to participate in CYO Sports sponsored by Assumption/St. Bridget School. Fall soccer and cross country teams are now forming, and all parish youth, grades K-8 are welcome! Please call ASB at 206-524-7452 for more information.

A final reminder to students of all ages, which is all of us! One of the most powerful ways to learn about what matters the most is through service. Please check the parish bulletin, web site and social media pages for opportunities to serve through ministries and programs here at St. Bridget’s.

 A blessed school year to all!


Fr. Bill Heric



ReflectionsSusie Lane