Elephant Stampede Recap

Parish Picnic/Elephant Stampede THANK YOU!

Fun was had by all on Sunday! Between the delicious grilled burgers and yummy treats, booths with woven items made by women of Namitembo and kid’s games, everyone made some great memories!!

A HUGE thank you to each of you in St. Bridget for your prayers, volunteering and generous donations! We truly appreciate your very kind support over the past 22 years. Some of the world's poorest people will have a better life because of your sacrifices!

May God bless you always!

Special thanks go to: Arlene & Joe Driscoll, Brian Driscoll, Karen & Pete Wickstrand, Susan Donohue, Bertie Perry, Annick Impert, Ken, Judy & Christopher Vanderhoef, Ryan & Jess Oftebro, Tina Negri, Terriko, Maya & Ryan Somers, Shallete & Arun Mathew, Alethea & Isadora Westover, Fiona Dunn, John & Tammy Eckart, Uffelman family, Jake Jacobs, Margaret Campbell, Cathy James, Molly & Quinn Dennehy, Carole Volpentest & Mary Spain, Rich Bell, Robin Marshall, Brian Henling, Sburlino family, Nishan de Silva, Minola & Nikhela Motha de Silva, Su Motha, John Lane, Mike Wietholter, Michelle Summers, Ann Nachtigal, Maggie Bratrud, Anne & Steve Knight, Carrie Slavic and Janie DiMartino.

Thank you to Luanne Johnson, Liz Houlihan, Angus McDonell, Michael Palmer, Carla Loucks and last but not least, Fr. Bill Heric, our pastor!!

So far, we have raised about $10,000!! Often more comes during the next few weeks! If you would like to be part of this project, drop a check or donate online.

Checks need to be made out to NAMITEMBO SCHOOL FUND.

In appreciation for our parishioners, family and friends,

Mary Jo Gasparich

Sherry Atterbury


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