Coffee and Donuts, Staying For The Summer!


We’ve heard you loud and clear.

“Will there be donuts?” Our son asks each Sunday as we make our way to Mass.

Many of you with young (ahem, any aged children for that matter, maybe yourself included), get faced with this question each week, as well. Now, we all know Mass is not all about the donuts, but it is about celebrating the eucharist and coming together as a community. Let’s face it. Donuts bring people together.

We have heard your requests to continue our coffee and donut hour throughout the summer and are thrilled to announce that we plan to continue our Sunday celebration throughout the summer. However…WE NEED YOUR HELP.

In order for donut and coffee hour to continue, we do need some help from volunteers. The process will be streamlined to make things a snap. Grab your family or a few friends and sign up for a Sunday or two HERE.