A history of St. Bridget’s Parish

In late June of 1968, it was decided that Assumption parish was to be split and a new parish, St. Bridget’s was to be formed. 

Father Stanton Boyle was named the pastor of the new parish by the Most Rev. Thomas A. Connolly, Archbishop of Seattle.

The site for the new church was 50th Ave NE and NE 50th Street and its parish boundaries would lie from the University of Washington Stadium to Sand Point Naval Base and from the east side of Sand Point Way to Lake Washington.  A portion of Hawthorne Hills was also included.

While the church was being built, the new parishioners attended Mass at the Sacred Heart Villa.  The nun’s gracious hospitality was greatly appreciated by all.

Two essential projects were undertaken immediately.  The first was a complete census taken.  It was found that there were 420 families in the parish.  The second was a drive for the funding of the new church, called the Foundation Campaign.  The goal was set at $175, 000 and was surpassed by a highly successful campaign, collecting $230,000 in pledges.

The next step was to hire an architect and have plans drawn up for the church building.  James Klontz was contacted to do this.  The church was to hold 500 people and was designed in a circular fashion with an adjoining Parish Hall.  Bids were then submitted and Strand Incorporated was chosen as the contractor.

On February 21st, 2971, ground was broken, and construction began.  The first completion date was set for October 1971; however, due to strikes during the summer months, the completion date was moved to sometime in April of 1972.

It may have taken longer than expected but it was certainly worth the wait.

-Mary Goetz, Parishioner of St. Bridget’s Parish